Bakkie Rental Online

At Spartan Truck Hire we provide bakkie rental services to individuals and businesses at very affordable rates, offering both short term and long term contacts. Now everyone can afford to rent a bakkie and book a bakkie online. We will even deliver the bakkie to your premises once your order has been placed successfully.

Process for Bakkie Rental

When booking a bakkie or renting a bakkie at Spartan Truck Hire, all you need to do is complete our information request form or call our offices on 0861 772 7826. We will then make follow ups on your enquiry within 24 hours to finalize your order. Once everything is done and all the documentation has been completed, you can either come to fetch the bakkie at our premises or we will deliver it to your door steps.

Please see below for our top rented bakkies. Simply click on an option to enquire.

isusu-kb250-bakkie-m2 Bakkie Rental in South Africa

If you’re looking to rent a different bakkie, please browse our Rental Fleet section for more options or if you’re looking to rent a bakkie in your personal capacity, please visit for affordable bakkie hire in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria