Durban Truck Hire – The main benefits

Durban Truck Hire

Durban is the city with the busiest port in South Africa. This port receives shipments daily from all over the world. Imports and exports of goods make Durban truck hire companies a necessity. There are large amounts of food products, coal, steel and even vehicles that all need transport and a suitable vehicle to move it being moved in and out of the CBD to the rest of the country. Decide what truck hire you need by looking at the following aspects:


Hiring a truck for long distance deliveries can be a problem unless you find a truck hire company in Durban that’s footprint covers the whole country. This means that you can deliver your products with your truck or bakkie in Johannesburg and Cape Town drop the vehicle off and fly back to Durban. Using a company with a large reach you can save money and time.


Perishables like fish or wheat, vehicles and coal all have different needs when it comes to road transport. The size of the vehicles differ and also the storage space. Perishables can’t be transported with the same truck as coal, the trucks that transport coal can handle the load but the wheat’s quality will be compromised.


This is the most overlooked factor in transport. We normally assume that a truck or van will be able to access its place of delivery but sometimes that isn’t the case. Loading areas are sometimes hidden at the back of a building and if your truck is too large wont be able to access it. This isn’t the end of the world but it takes a lot of time to transport the goods the last few metres. Many goods are damaged on the few short metres between the storage facility and the truck moving it.

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Bakkie Rentals

Bakkie rentals Spartan Truck Hire A fleet of thousands of cars at your disposal sounds like it will cost you millions, now you can rent a bakkie, van or truck as you need it. Look at some of the reasons why you would need a bakkie.

Emergency rentals

Sometimes you have no option but to rent a bakkie, last minute orders and car problems usually need an immediate solution. Bakkie rentals can have your vehicle ready within hours.

Changing needs

Your needs can constantly change and might not always have the option to buy a type of vehicle when you need it. The constant change in your transport needs is why you should rent a van instead of buying it.

Short term solution

Bakkie rentals are a wonderful short-term solution for companies who only need to transport products for days, weeks or months at a time and have no use for transport vehicles during certain times of the year.

Plethora of options

Your options include bakkies with and without canopies, mini vans, small trucks, 16 and 18 wheelers, panel vans, freight liners and trail mounted trucks.

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Affordable truck rental

Low-cost vehicle rental

Cheap truck hire is hard to come by, especially in South Africa. The actual cost of renting the truck could be cheap, but the additional charges is what burns our pockets. Such costs include fuel, overtime, insurance, excess kms, contract fee’s.

Truck hire quotations communicate affordability

But don’t live up to it. Most of the costs mentioned above are excluded from many ‘budget’ truck rental quotations, only to be charged through through your deposit once the job has been completed.

Many people consider cheap truck rentals…

To represent poor service and a sub-par product offering,through Spartan Truck Hire and Book-a-Bakkie however, this is not the case. We understand the difference between a high price, a low price and the right price. When it comes to truck hire, we know that a high or price would limit our existence, but the right price would guarantee it.

So if you’re looking for a bargain on truck rental,

Then contact Spartan Truck Hire on 0861 7727826 or Book-a-Bakkie on 0861 266522Affordable truck rentals in South Africa


Looking for a bakkie to hire?

Every South African will at some points in their lives need the use of a bakkie to move their goods from one place to another. Hiring a bakkie does not have to be a hard thing to do and can be very affordable! However for individuals and SME’s in South Africa it can be a difficult experience. The large vehicle rental companies make it extremely expensive for individuals and SME’s to book a bakkie. On top of the prices they charge you they will require you to pay a large deposit over and above the cost of renting the vehicle. This is where Book-a-Bakkie’s low cost and great service comes in.

What is Book-a-Bakkie…

Book-a-Bakkie is a nationwide company with a vast fleet of over 1000 vehicles at our disposal. We are aimed at offering vehicle rentals to individuals and SME’s country-wide and not to big businesses. Our services are formulated around the most affordable prices possible for your delivery and we pride ourselves on customer service. When it comes to renting a bakkie or any other vehicle we are the company to use.

low cost bakkie and vehicle rentals from Book-a-Bakkie

Why rent a bakkie?

When you want to move goods, both perishable and non perishable, hard or soft, the bakkie is the most effective way to get it done. It is as easy to drive as your own car and has great fuel consumption.

So there it is. Everything that you need to know about when looking for bakkie hire. just remember to do your homework and not just accept the first quote you receive. For more information about bakkie hire Johannesburg please click here

Bakkie Hire Cape Town

The best bakkie hire in Cape Town

Renting a bakkie in the Western Cape shouldn’t be a difficult exercise, the problem is that most of the time, it is difficult. Most bakkie hire companies in Cape Town tend to over-complicate their rental agreements beyond understanding. This is why we at Spartan Truck Hire have created a simple, easy and affordable bakkie rental service in Cape Town.

How our bakkie rentals differ

Our services are targeted not only to large corporates, but to individual consumers and SME’s as well. Our bakkie rental quotations are simple and our pricing is affordable. We have minimized red-tape confusions and pages of T’s and C’s.

Our bakkie hire fleet consists of many different configurations that can suit almost any need. Whether you need a canopy or not, a double cab, single cab or long-wheel-base super ton, we have the right bakkie hire for you!

Aspects to consider before renting your bakkie in Cape Town

  • Distance to be travelled
  • Size and weight of your load
  • Fuel prices
  • Toll networks
  • Inclusions and Exclusions of the rental

Rent your bakkie in Cape Town today!

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Bakkie Hire Cape Town


Low Cost Furniture Removals

Spartan Truck Hire provides customers with an affordable alternative to furniture removal.

When most mainstream removal companies in South Africa tend to charge astronomical prices for the transportation of furniture, its easy to see why so many individuals are looking to self-move nowadays.

Our cheap furniture removal service

We offer budget truck rentals for moving, we provide the vehicle and driver needed to transport furniture as well as any additional hands, you provide the rest! We don’t offer any packing or dismantling materials, goods in transit insurance or bubble wrap.

Expensive furniture removals

Mainstream furniture removals are great in a sense that they provide a full-service offering, but they come at a price most people just cannot afford.

Truck rental for moving is a seriously low-cost alternative to furniture transportation. This practice is also known as ‘self-moving’, an activity that every American and European is familiar with.

Book your affordable removal today

Call Spartan or Book-a-Bakkie today on 0861 266522 if you’re looking for a cost-effective form of furniture removals. We provide removals in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria