Van Rentals in South Africa

It’s time for you to move and there are some things you’d like to get on the go, why not lighten the move with a van rental?

Van HireAt Book-a-Bakkie our van rentals are more than just van rentals It’s a way of telling our consumers that we understand that to move is the beginning of your new journey. And to many of us a journey is something that needs to be memorable – that gets us excited and enthusiastic.

There are just so many transportation companies today that are letting you down because of their inability to fully perform at a standard you would deem appropriate. They are also letting you down because their transportations service offerings are not meeting you unique wants and needs or are costing you more than an arm and a leg – making you really doubt your move.

You can rely on Book-a-Bakkie

To really give you what you want and need. You can also trust Book-a-Bakkie to give you a service offering that has never failed a Book-a-Bakkie consumer in the past and that won’t in the future.

Book-a-Bakkie has designed a van rental package specific to you. We’ve notice you are an individual or SME, not a large corporation. Except, we do offer what large corporations look for – and pay the big buck for, but we’ve made available to you for the fraction of the normal cost.

Our van rentals support your move

By ensuring that your move is a smooth and calm one. You don’t need unnecessary stresses or frustrations that make you doubt your move, that’s why we will give you an all-inclusive package deal that will eliminate and reduce all unnecessary costs that not only thin your wallet but that thin your hair.

Our van rentals also

Come with a professional driver that will pick up and drop off your belongings at both your destinations.

By giving you a professional driver with each van rental it reduces your responsibility for liabilities like large deposits and insurance excesses.

Wherever you may be you can get a van rental from:

  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Pretoria

Get a van rental in:

  • 14 Seater carriers
  • Delivery vans
  • 1.6 Ton panel vans
  • Open back vans
  • Caddies
  • Cargo vans
  • H100’s closed and open
  • Panelvans

Our van rentals can also:

  • Move and remove furniture
  • Do daily deliveries
  • Long-distance transportations

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Bakkie Hire for your convenience

A South African icon

Every single South African knows just how valuable a bakkie can be. They’re versatile and convenient, which makes them a worthwhile investment if you need to move a small to medium-sized load from one destination to another.

At Book-A-Bakkie, we know that not every South African is able to own their own bakkie. As our name suggests, we at Book-A-Bakkie specialise in providing half day, full day, weekly or monthly bakkie hire.

Book our bakkies

Unlike other utility vehicle hire companies, Book-A-Bakkie makes individual customers or small businesses our most important priority. Other bakkie hire services tend to focus on larger businesses; which means that your needs as an individual, short term customers are very often overlooked.

Book-A-Bakkie takes pride in ensuring that hiring a bakkie through us is an efficient and transparent process. We do not believe in surprising our customers with extra costs that weren’t presented in the initial quote.

Additionally, because we have offices in almost every province, renting a bakkie through Book-A-Bakkie is easily accessible and convenient to arrange; no matter where you are.

Meet our fleet

There’s usually one general picture that comes to mind when one thinks of a bakkie, but at Book-A-Bakkie, we’ll be the first to admit that not all bakkies are the same. Because our customers hire bakkies for a multitude of different purposes, we boast a diverse fleet of bakkies with a variety of different configurations, to ensure that you get the best bakkie for your buck.

Some of our bakkies for rent include single cabs, canopy bakkies, caddy bakkies and half tonners. If none of these are exactly what you’re looking for, we still have additional models for you to choose from.

Book-A-Bakkie today With our wide range of vehicles, competitive and convenient bakkie hire packages, as well as our customer centric approach to service, there really is no reason to look further than Book-A-Bakkie for any of your bakkie rental requirements. Call us on 0861-BOOK-A-B (0861-266522)

Rent a Truck in Cape Town

Truck Rental Cape TownThere’s no denying that Cape Town boasts one of the most laidback urban lifestyles in the country. If life in the Mother City is such a breeze however, there’s simply no reason why booking a truck here should be anything otherwise.

At Book-A-Bakkie, we take the hassle out of furniture removals, commercial deliveries, or any other sort of goods transportation that you may require, by giving you the power to personalise your own truck rental. While other vehicle hiring companies focus on serving businesses, Book-A-Bakkie’s rentals are custom-made to suit an individual’s specific requirements.

Book-A-Bakkie has made it easier than ever before to rent a truck in Cape Town. Our vast fleet trucks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and are available for either half or full day hire. They range from refrigerated trucks to panel vans and almost anything in between. Every one of our skilled drivers, who come inclusive with the truck, will ensure that all stages of the delivery process are completed efficiently and timeously.

The expense of regular truck rentals in Cape Town is enough to send most people running, but renting a truck through Book-A-Bakkie ensures that there is no need for concern. Our competitive pricing is exceptionally flexible, and takes into account only the specific mileage you will be covering, as well as the size of the truck that you wish to rent. Additionally, our deposits are very reasonable.

Whether you’re up on the mountain or down by the sea, you can count on Book-A-Bakkie to come to your rescue with convenient truck rental plans that suit your particular needs.

Call us on 0861-book-a-b (266522)

Or email us at

Rent a Bakkie

Bakkie HireAside from being one of the best known symbols of the South African lifestyle, bakkies are also possibly one of the most versatile vehicles around. At Book-A-Bakkie, we understand that nearly all South Africans from a vast number of different backgrounds will more than likely find an occasion to hire a bakkie at some point in their lives. Whether it’s for a DIY project at home, going camping, moving furniture, making a portable pool in the back, or any other commercial and recreational use; we have a bakkie for you to use. As our name implies, Book-A-Bakkie focuses on providing the best single and half day bakkie rentals to individuals and small businesses within South Africa.

Book a bakkie better with us

Unlike other utility vehicle hire companies that mainly serve businesses, Book-A-Bakkie takes the inconvenience out of bakkie hire by focusing on you, the individual. Because our bakkie hire packages have been made to serve an individual’s personal transport needs, we make sure that renting a bakkie through Book-A-Bakkie is quick, easy, customisable and affordable. Our rentals are calculated individually according to the vehicle you choose, the mileage of your trip etc., so you can be sure that you only pay for what you get. We also take pride in promising our customers that we’ll never surprise you with hidden costs.

Although we’re based in Joburg, Book-A-Bakkie has offices in nearly all provinces across South Africa; which means that you’ll be able to hire a bakkie from just about anywhere.

Our bakkie family

Book-A-Bakkie understands that our customers all have different expectations from the bakkies they hire, depending on what they’ll need to use it for. For this reason, Book-A-Bakkie boasts an impressive fleet of bakkies that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to serve a wide variety of different purposes. We’ve done our best to ensure that we are able to provide you with the perfect vehicle for any job you may have, so that you get the best bakkie for your buck! Aside from the traditional favourite single cab; we also hire canopied bakkies, half tonners, 1 tonners, caddies and long wheel base bakkies, to name a few.

Lucky to know Book-A-Bakkie

With our wide range of bakkies, competitive and customisable packages, as well as our customer centric business philosophy; you can be sure that Book-A-Bakkie is your best choice when you’re looking to bakkie hire. Give us a call on 0861-BOOK-A-B (0861-266522) or visit We’ll do the rest!

Truck Rental

Truck Rental, is it the better option?

Truck RentalIn this day and age in South Africa, people try to cut costs wherever possible. It has just become our nature due to the rising cost of food, travel costs and general living expenses.

When you need to move household content, general equipment or an office, the cost may rise when you hire a removal company.

But Spartan Truck Hire offers a low cost solution for this expensive task… Truck Rental. Spartan Truck Hire offers a Truck Rental service directly to the public as well as to companies.

Spartan Truck Hire is not a removal company but they offer the actual use of a truck. What does this mean? Spartan will hire the truck to you and you will arrange the rest.

Truck HireSpartan Truck Hire does not offer blankets or boxes and they will not come in to pack up your home or office. But they do offer you an option to request assistance. This option does have an additional cost but it will help your move go faster.

Not everyone has a code 10 driver license therefore, Spartan Truck Hire can supply you with a driver. This often is a better option as if you rent a truck with one of our driver, the insurance and excess cost gets taken out of the equation.

Spartan Truck Hire has offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria. If you need more information on Truck Rental, visit or call 0861 SPARTAN (7727826)

Truck Hire

When you need a truck

It’s an undeniable part of the human condition that –unless a situation is particularly desperate- people prefer to do things themselves. Just observe the vast array of DIY products and self-help books available, and the truth isn’t all too hard to spot.

Despite this tendency, however, there are times when an extra bit of assistance is absolutely crucial. Moving large quantities of goods is just one such occasion. At Book-A-Bakkie, we know that there are certain situations when loading up the family sedan fifty times is not the best way of getting your load from A to B. For this reason, Book-A-Bakkie has added truck hire to the wide range of services that we offer. We offer truck rentals that can assist you with commercial deliveries, furniture removals or any other recreational use.

We’re different

Book-A-Bakkie is unlike other furniture removal/vehicle hire companies in that we give the power to you: the individual. Our truck hire packages have not been compiled to serve businesses, which is why hiring a truck with us is personal, affordable, convenient and completely up to you to customise.

We also understand that if you’re renting a truck, you’re looking for more than just a really large vehicle with a large amount of storage. Our customers are all very different, so we’ve made sure that we have an equally diverse fleet of trucks to address a variety of different transport requirements.

Loads of trucks to choose from

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about hosting the biggest party your neighbourhood has ever seen, and thus need a generous supply of drinks and ice. Don’t worry! If you’re looking for a way to move goods that need to be kept cold, we have refrigerated trucks for you to rent.

There are also times when you need to move something, but simply getting it into the truck is almost impossible. For these trickier (and heavier) situations, Book-A-Bakkie also has crane trucks for hire, so that you can pick up the goods and drive them away in one quick and easy procedure.

Still not what you’re looking for? In that case, you may find that Book-A-Bakkie’s 14 ton drop-side trucks, tail-lift trucks and curtain-side trucks available for hire are more appropriate for your particular job at hand.

Look no further

With our wide range of vehicles, competitive and convenient truck hire packages, as well as our customer centric approach to service, there really is no reason to look further than Book-A-Bakkie for any of your truck rental requirements.

Truck Hire Cape Town

The best trucks in the Cape

Cape Town is widely regarded as South Africa’s best loved city, and at Book-A-Bakkie, we’d like to think of ourselves as SA’s best loved utility vehicle hire company! We rent bakkies, but we also rent out several of the bakkie’s larger relative: the truck. Just about everyone will find an occasion where even a bakkie isn’t big enough for the job, which is why Book-A-Bakkie has now made renting a truck in Cape Town so much easier.

Why we’re different

Most utility vehicle hire services market themselves predominantly to businesses, because these are the people who would rent these kinds of vehicles on a regular basis. At Book-A-Bakkie, however, we know that everyday individuals will also find themselves in a situation where renting a truck is essential.

To make your truck rental experience better, Book-A-Bakkie has ensured that our truck rental packages are tailor-made to suit the requirements of individual customers, and not those of businesses. Renting a truck through Book-A-Bakkie is customisable based on your particular requirements (vehicle chosen, trip mileage etc.), affordable and convenient to arrange.

We also know our customers don’t rent trucks for the same reasons, which means that you may be looking for something specific in the truck you hire in Cape Town. We’ve done our best to ensure that our impressive fleet of trucks comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and functions so that we have the right vehicle to best suit a particular job you have.

Choose a truck

If you need to move large amounts of meat, ice-cream, frozen meals, ice sculptures, or any other imaginable product that needs to be kept cold, Book-A-Bakkie has refrigerated trucks to rent in Cape Town.

You may also possibly find yourself in a situation where you need to move something, but simply getting it into the truck is almost impossible. For these heavier situations, Book-A-Bakkie has crane trucks for hire, so that you can pick up the goods and drive them away in one quick and convenient procedure.

If these weren’t exactly what you had in mind, we still have plenty more models in our impressive fleet for you to choose from. 14 ton drop-side trucks, tail-lift trucks and curtain-side trucks are just some of the other trucks for rent at Book-A-Bakkie.

Truck Hire Cape Town

With our unrivalled fleet of trucks, competitive packages, and our customer centric approach to providing a great truck rental experience; you can be sure that Book-A-Bakkie is the best name in utility vehicle hire. Furthermore, we operate everywhere from Bloubergstrand to Simon’s Town, Bellville to Bantry Bay and everywhere in between; so there’s no need to look further than Book-A-Bakkie when hiring a truck in the Cape!

Rent a Truck the Easy Way

Is it difficult to rent a truck?

Well, often the local truck rental companies in South Africa tend to complicate a simple service. Try for yourself, call one of the large vehicle hire or leasing companies and enquire about their truck rental. What you’ll find is that it wont be so easy to get a simple answer.

Why so complicated?

The transport industry, like many others, is no exact science. Many facts need to be known by the truck hire supplier before they can dispatch a vehicle from the yard. In order to hire a truck,we’ll need to know what you’re moving, to where it is going, how long you require the vehicle for, are your goods acceptable to be transported, what vehicle is needed etc etc etc.

The simple option to hire a truck

We at Spartan Truck Hire and Book-a-Bakkie believe in simplifying this service for you to the utmost degree, so you wont have to be sent on a wild goose chase the next time you’re looking to rent a truck.

Hire a truck from Spartan and Book-a-Bakkie today and experience the most simplified and peaceful truck rental service in South Africa.

Rent a Truck