How to rent a truck

Want to know how to rent a truck?

Well, obviously everyone knows how to rent a truck, its as simple as calling a truck rental company and making the booking right? No, well kinda, you see just because people know how to play tennis doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily good at it- and thats what counts! Being able to hit a ball over the net wont win you tournaments, much like simply calling and booking a truck wont save you money.

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Van Rental in Gauteng

The saying goes that if you can’t find something in Johannesburg, you probably won’t find it at all. Despite Johannesburg’s size and economy, however, finding a decent van rental service is still a great inconvenience for many. There is good news, though: hiring a van in Gauteng is now quicker and easier, because Spartan Truck Hire is making it happen. Continue reading