8 Ton Truck Hire

At Spartan Truck Hire, we stock various size trucks. They range from 1,6 ton to 32 ton. The most popular size truck to hire is an 8 ton.

8 ton truck hire is a popular choice as it is generally the right size to move most goods. An 8 ton truck can easily move a 4 bedroom house or various other types of goods.

We stock three types of 8 ton trucks. These include:

  • Panel Vans
  • Curtain Sides
  • Drop Sides

Panel vans are generally used to move furniture and other goods that need to be protected from the elements, curtain side are used to transport palletised goods and drop sides are popular to move heavy equipment and construction materials.

How to hire an 8 ton truck

Hiring a truck through us has never been this easy. All you need to do is give us a call on 0861 772 7826 and tell us what your truck hire needs are and we will do the rest!

It will help us if you have the following information ready for us. This will assist us with giving you a quick and accurate quote.

  • Details of what you are moving
  • Pickup and drop off point addresses
  • Truck rental dates

Contact Us

If you would like any additional information about our 8 ton truck hire options, please give us a call on 0861 772 7826 or email us at info@spartantruckhire.co.za.