How to rent a truck

Want to know how to rent a truck?

Well, obviously everyone knows how to rent a truck, its as simple as calling a truck rental company and making the booking right? No, well kinda, you see just because people know how to play tennis doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily good at it- and thats what counts! Being able to hit a ball over the net wont win you tournaments, much like simply calling and booking a truck wont save you money.

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Truck Hire Cape Town

The best trucks in the Cape

Cape Town is widely regarded as South Africa’s best loved city, and at Book-A-Bakkie, we’d like to think of ourselves as SA’s best loved utility vehicle hire company! We rent bakkies, but we also rent out several of the bakkie’s larger relative: the truck. Just about everyone will find an occasion where even a bakkie isn’t big enough for the job, which is why Book-A-Bakkie has now made renting a truck in Cape Town so much easier.

Why we’re different

Most utility vehicle hire services market themselves predominantly to businesses, because these are the people who would rent these kinds of vehicles on a regular basis. At Book-A-Bakkie, however, we know that everyday individuals will also find themselves in a situation where renting a truck is essential.

To make your truck rental experience better, Book-A-Bakkie has ensured that our truck rental packages are tailor-made to suit the requirements of individual customers, and not those of businesses. Renting a truck through Book-A-Bakkie is customisable based on your particular requirements (vehicle chosen, trip mileage etc.), affordable and convenient to arrange.

We also know our customers don’t rent trucks for the same reasons, which means that you may be looking for something specific in the truck you hire in Cape Town. We’ve done our best to ensure that our impressive fleet of trucks comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and functions so that we have the right vehicle to best suit a particular job you have.

Choose a truck

If you need to move large amounts of meat, ice-cream, frozen meals, ice sculptures, or any other imaginable product that needs to be kept cold, Book-A-Bakkie has refrigerated trucks to rent in Cape Town.

You may also possibly find yourself in a situation where you need to move something, but simply getting it into the truck is almost impossible. For these heavier situations, Book-A-Bakkie has crane trucks for hire, so that you can pick up the goods and drive them away in one quick and convenient procedure.

If these weren’t exactly what you had in mind, we still have plenty more models in our impressive fleet for you to choose from. 14 ton drop-side trucks, tail-lift trucks and curtain-side trucks are just some of the other trucks for rent at Book-A-Bakkie.

Truck Hire Cape Town

With our unrivalled fleet of trucks, competitive packages, and our customer centric approach to providing a great truck rental experience; you can be sure that Book-A-Bakkie is the best name in utility vehicle hire. Furthermore, we operate everywhere from Bloubergstrand to Simon’s Town, Bellville to Bantry Bay and everywhere in between; so there’s no need to look further than Book-A-Bakkie when hiring a truck in the Cape!