Convenient Truck Sizes

When you need to hire a truck, do you know what sized truck to hire? There are many sized trucks that come in various configurations. These configurations include panel vans, curtain sides and drop sides.

8 Ton Truck HireA commonly used truck is an 8 ton truck.  Why do we say this? Well an 8 ton truck has the volume to move various items. You may thing that an 8 ton truck is too big for your transport needs, but you may forget about the volume of your goods.

For an example, when moving you may think that your household contents will fit into a 4 ton truck. But you do not realise how big your furniture really is. Then you will not get your move done in one load and you will be caught up with having to pay excess kilometres for a 2nd load. It you had taken an 8 ton truck in the first place, you move would have been accomplished in one trip.

This is just one example and not everybody is going to hire a truck to move homes or offices.

So when you need to find a truck hire service and it comes time to select the sized truck, make sure that you over compensate and save yourself time and money.

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