Durban Truck Hire – The main benefits

Durban Truck Hire

Durban is the city with the busiest port in South Africa. This port receives shipments daily from all over the world. Imports and exports of goods make Durban truck hire companies a necessity. There are large amounts of food products, coal, steel and even vehicles that all need transport and a suitable vehicle to move it being moved in and out of the CBD to the rest of the country. Decide what truck hire you need by looking at the following aspects:


Hiring a truck for long distance deliveries can be a problem unless you find a truck hire company in Durban that’s footprint covers the whole country. This means that you can deliver your products with your truck or bakkie in Johannesburg and Cape Town drop the vehicle off and fly back to Durban. Using a company with a large reach you can save money and time.


Perishables like fish or wheat, vehicles and coal all have different needs when it comes to road transport. The size of the vehicles differ and also the storage space. Perishables can’t be transported with the same truck as coal, the trucks that transport coal can handle the load but the wheat’s quality will be compromised.


This is the most overlooked factor in transport. We normally assume that a truck or van will be able to access its place of delivery but sometimes that isn’t the case. Loading areas are sometimes hidden at the back of a building and if your truck is too large wont be able to access it. This isn’t the end of the world but it takes a lot of time to transport the goods the last few metres. Many goods are damaged on the few short metres between the storage facility and the truck moving it.

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