Forklift Hire From Spartan

Spartan Truck Hire has been in the vehicle rental industry for well over 30 years. In this time, we have got to know our clients and more importantly, we have learnt what our clients’ needs are.

Forklift HireWith that said we discovered a need for a reliable and quality forklift hire service and duly added this service to our long list of services.

A forklift is a handy tool to have, particularly if you are running a warehouse and you need fast material handling. Not all companies are in a position to own their own forklift or they may not have the need to have one around on a full time basis, and this is where forklift hire comes into the picture.

Our Forklift Hire Fleet

At Spartan Forklift Hire, we stock a large range of forklifts that are suited for various applications. These forklifts include:

  • Gas Forklifts (in & out-door use)
  • Electric Forklifts (in-door use)
  • Diesel Forklifts (out-door use)

In addition to the type of forklift, they also come with various load capacities.

Forklift Hire Cost

There are various factors that are taken into account when calculating the cost of forklift hire. These include:

  • Location of rental
  • Duration of rental
  • Type of forklift
  • Mast height
  • Hours worked
  • Application

For an accurate quote, please call our forklift hire service team on 011 394 3685.

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