Rent a Truck the Easy Way

Is it difficult to rent a truck?

Well, often the local truck rental companies in South Africa tend to complicate a simple service. Try for yourself, call one of the large vehicle hire or leasing companies and enquire about their truck rental. What you’ll find is that it wont be so easy to get a simple answer.

Why so complicated?

The transport industry, like many others, is no exact science. Many facts need to be known by the truck hire supplier before they can dispatch a vehicle from the yard. In order to hire a truck,we’ll need to know what you’re moving, to where it is going, how long you require the vehicle for, are your goods acceptable to be transported, what vehicle is needed etc etc etc.

The simple option to hire a truck

We at Spartan Truck Hire and Book-a-Bakkie believe in simplifying this service for you to the utmost degree, so you wont have to be sent on a wild goose chase the next time you’re looking to rent a truck.

Hire a truck from Spartan and Book-a-Bakkie today and experience the most simplified and peaceful truck rental service in South Africa.

Rent a Truck