Full Maintenance Leasing

Full maintenance leasing (Fml) is a product offered that provides the necessary funding and maintenance of a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. The service is offered over an agreed period of time that’s suits the customers specific business requirements and costs are calculated in accordance with the projected distance travelled.

Full maintenance leasing is designed to eliminate the risk and problems surrounding the ownership of a fleet of vehicles. The truck leasing product provides multiple benefits to customers including:

  • Budgeting made easier as your monthly fleet costs are fixed.
  • Vehicle and VAT are not capitalized which leads to additional savings.
  • Full maintenance leasing provides off-balance sheet financing- this has a positive effect on profitability ratios.
  • Reduction in administration, management and staff.
  • Sourcing, purchasing, disposal of vehicles are all taken care of by Spartan.
  • All servicing, maintenance and repairs are covered for the full period of the agreement.
  • A large cash injection can be realised by a customer whose existing vehicles can be sold in order to enter into a truck leasing agreement for a new fleet.
  • Flexible solution- as your business evolves, we will modify the fleet accordingly in order to achieve highest-possible efficiency.
  • Additional capacity- we have vast capacities of vehicles nationwide that can assist with your seasonality.
  • Techinical expertise- with over 30 years in the industry we can provide expert, relevant and on-demand technical advice.
  • Buying power- with well over 1000 vehicles, we enjoy preferential buying power which we pass on to you, the same goes for fuel, tyres, maintenance and insurance.

Value added services

  • Driver management is controlled through real-time systems that alarm any kind of reckless driving such as hard braking, over-revving, speeding and travelling in no-go areas.
  • Loss control- our own in-house vehicle recovery division is able to recover lost or stolen vehicles.
  • Track and Trace capabilities- We are able to monitor real-time positions of all vehicles.
  • Routing and Scheduling- for larger fleets, We are able to provide routing and scheduling systems and management through state-of-the-art technology.
  • Roadside Assistance- Through our country-wide workshop infrastructure, we provide 24 hour road-assistance and accident management for clients.
  • Driver training, management and accreditation is all facilitated through a partner company, Hazchemwize (pty) ltd.
  • Online invoicing- we offer an online invoicing service that provides customers the ability to access invoices and other documents at the touch of a button.

We supply more than just a truck leasing option, we supply a service, one that is tailor-made to customer requirements, one that provides a competitive advantage through a more efficient chain of supply.

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