Bakkie Rental in South Africa

Convenient Transport

A Bakkie represents one of many icons in South Africa. They are a versatile vehicle that can move small to medium loads easily. Many South Africans are lucky to own a bakkie, but many others do not own a bakkie but have a use for one from time to time. This is where Spartan Truck Hire comes in. Spartan Truck Hire does not only deal with truck rental, but bakkie rental also. Continue reading

Bakkie Rental Online

At Spartan Truck Hire we provide bakkie rental services to individuals and businesses at very affordable rates, offering both short term and long term contacts. Now everyone can afford to rent a bakkie and book a bakkie online. We will even deliver the bakkie to your premises once your order has been placed successfully.

Process for Bakkie Rental

When booking a bakkie or renting a bakkie at Spartan Truck Hire, all you need to do is complete our information request form or call our offices on 0861 772 7826. We will then make follow ups on your enquiry within 24 hours to finalize your order. Once everything is done and all the documentation has been completed, you can either come to fetch the bakkie at our premises or we will deliver it to your door steps.

Please see below for our top rented bakkies. Simply click on an option to enquire.

isusu-kb250-bakkie-m2 Bakkie Rental in South Africa

If you’re looking to rent a different bakkie, please browse our Rental Fleet section for more options or if you’re looking to rent a bakkie in your personal capacity, please visit for affordable bakkie hire in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria

World-class workshop facility

Official opening of the workshop

The 11th of May marked a watershed moment for Spartan Truck Hire and Logistics. The founding MD of the group, MR A.M Friedman, officially unveiled the new workshop that is to signpost a new era for the company.

“ This new world-class facility provides us with the necessary means to aggressively expand our operating capacities therefore improving service offerings and provide Spartan Truck Hire and Logistics with the platform needed to propel us into the corporate sphere.” Friedman explains

The new accredited workshop facility can accommodate up to 18 vehicles at any given time, and with 2000 square meters under-roof, there is ample space for growth.

The workshop will cater to the companies’ Gauteng operations, which equates to approximately 500 vehicles.

Gauteng operations account for a lion-share of the overall fleet, which is why we decided to effectively ‘drop the bomb’ on this new development which will provide the means to achieve maximum efficiency” says Andy Herbst, the Chief Workshop Manager.

The new workshop is a promising paltform



Latest Acquisition

Spartan Truck Hire and Logistics is pleased to announce the acquisition of Power Truck Hire.

Power Truck Hire is a customer-driven business operating in Chamdor, Krugersdorp.  The company was established in 1980 by well-known businessman Bob Fourie, who’s attention to detail and sharp wit,has with the help of a very committed loyal team of staff aided the company in capturing the West Rand market.

Today, Power Truck Hire boasts a fleet in excess of 100 vehicles ranging from 1 ton bakkies to 36 ton truck tractors.

The company offers multiple transport related services including:

Truck rental


Full maintenance leasing

Long distance transport

Cross border

The business attributes its success to it’s robust focus on building and maintaining   long term customer relationships.

“This is what made the company so attractive to us.” says AM Friedman, Managing Director at Spartan.

The acquisition was concluded in August 2011.

We welcome the entry of Power Truck Hire into the Spartan Group and have no doubt in achieving sustainable and successful growth together in the foreseeable future.

To learn more visit

How a Tail Lift Truck Works

Vehicles equipped with a tail lift have a raising platform situated at the rear of the body. Tail Lift trucks are widely used for fast moving consumable goods whereby products need to be rapidly loaded into a vehicle off the warehouse dispatch floor.

To learn more about tail lift trucks contact us on 0861 SPARTAN.