Trucks: Leasing vs. Owning

Statistics show that 78% of all commercial vehicles are leased in the USA, while that figure is sitting at 12% in South Africa. So why choose leasing? What are the benefits?

  • It is important to understand that a vehicle owned by your company is not an asset; it’s a liability that depreciates in value over time.
  • With Leasing you have the comfort of knowing that all of your fleet costs are fixed, allowing your business to create accurate forecasts and budgets.
  • Leasing allows your company to focus on core activities- and instead of spending cash on vehicles; it allows you the freedom to spend that money on your fundamental focus.
  • Spartan Truck Hire and Logistics have pioneered a product service known as Full Maintenance Leasing (FML)
  • FML is a contract that provides all funding and maintenance of vehicles that are tailored to suit your specific business requirements with costs calculated in accordance with the distance you travel.
  • With Spartan’s leasing program, all sourcing, purchasing and disposing of vehicles will be taken care of. All servicing and maintenance will also be covered for the full period of the contract, thus assisting your company to reduce head count and overall fleet administration, ultimately saving you money.
  • Spartan Truck Hire’s preferential buying power means that you have the ability to access discounted prices on vehicles, fuel, insurance, tyres and other maintenance costs.
  • With over 30 years of technical expertise, Spartan facilitates in-house vehicle recovery as well as track and trace capabilities.
  • Driver management is controlled through real-time systems that whistle-blow in the event of reckless driving, harsh braking, over-revving and/or speeding.
  • State of the art technology provides your fleet with routing and scheduling systems, making deliveries more efficient and cost effective
  • And finally with 24-hour roadside assistance, Spartan is committed to keeping your business on the road.

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World-class workshop facility

Official opening of the workshop

The 11th of May marked a watershed moment for Spartan Truck Hire and Logistics. The founding MD of the group, MR A.M Friedman, officially unveiled the new workshop that is to signpost a new era for the company.

“ This new world-class facility provides us with the necessary means to aggressively expand our operating capacities therefore improving service offerings and provide Spartan Truck Hire and Logistics with the platform needed to propel us into the corporate sphere.” Friedman explains

The new accredited workshop facility can accommodate up to 18 vehicles at any given time, and with 2000 square meters under-roof, there is ample space for growth.

The workshop will cater to the companies’ Gauteng operations, which equates to approximately 500 vehicles.

Gauteng operations account for a lion-share of the overall fleet, which is why we decided to effectively ‘drop the bomb’ on this new development which will provide the means to achieve maximum efficiency” says Andy Herbst, the Chief Workshop Manager.

The new workshop is a promising paltform



Centurion Branch

The Spartan Truck Hire and Logistics branch in Centurion, Gauteng is experiencing astonishing success in the Northern regions. Through providing exceptional service to customers in the areas surrounding Pretoria and Midrand, the branch has grown to new heights and now commands a fleet in excess of 60 vehicles.

Prime offices in the heart of Centurion

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What is full maintenance leasing?

In laymen terms, full maintenance leasing is a service that essentially offers companies to lease vehicles from a service provider as opposed to owning the assets. The vehicles are then fully maintained by the service provider. Over 70% of commercial vehicles in the United States are leased.

Full maintenance leasing is a great way for companies to expand and not have the hassles and overheads of running their own fleets. This frees companies of unwanted capital outlay and helps them focus on their core business. The benefits of full maintanence leasing range from off balance sheet finance to fixed overhead costs that are paid in monthly installments . Companies would also benefit from all the other range of services that Spartan Truck Hire & Logistics have to offer.

Lets use a hypothetical situation as an example.

Company X is a small florist, a majority of their revenue is generated through delivering flowers around town, they therefore have 8 delivery vehicles in order to meet demand.They own these vehicles and have to maintain them in terms of breakdowns, servicing etc. If 2 vehicles break down in a busy period, they can no longer meet demand and employees now have to spend valuable time organizing towing companies, booking the vehicles in for repairs etc.

If Company X were to sign an FML agreement with Spartan Truck Hire and Logistics, they would be paying a fixed monthly rate for their vehicles which are fully maintained and serviced by Spartan, furthermore, they can still advertise their brand on the vehicles and  have a guaranteed replacement vehicle from Spartan should one of them break down.

After the lease agreement period is over, the company has the option to either return the vehicles or enter into a new agreement with the service provider.

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