Van Rental in Gauteng

The saying goes that if you can’t find something in Johannesburg, you probably won’t find it at all. Despite Johannesburg’s size and economy, however, finding a decent van rental service is still a great inconvenience for many. There is good news, though: hiring a van in Gauteng is now quicker and easier, because Spartan Truck Hire is making it happen. Continue reading

Van Rentals in South Africa

It’s time for you to move and there are some things you’d like to get on the go, why not lighten the move with a van rental?

Van HireAt Book-a-Bakkie our van rentals are more than just van rentals It’s a way of telling our consumers that we understand that to move is the beginning of your new journey. And to many of us a journey is something that needs to be memorable – that gets us excited and enthusiastic.

There are just so many transportation companies today that are letting you down because of their inability to fully perform at a standard you would deem appropriate. They are also letting you down because their transportations service offerings are not meeting you unique wants and needs or are costing you more than an arm and a leg – making you really doubt your move.

You can rely on Book-a-Bakkie

To really give you what you want and need. You can also trust Book-a-Bakkie to give you a service offering that has never failed a Book-a-Bakkie consumer in the past and that won’t in the future.

Book-a-Bakkie has designed a van rental package specific to you. We’ve notice you are an individual or SME, not a large corporation. Except, we do offer what large corporations look for – and pay the big buck for, but we’ve made available to you for the fraction of the normal cost.

Our van rentals support your move

By ensuring that your move is a smooth and calm one. You don’t need unnecessary stresses or frustrations that make you doubt your move, that’s why we will give you an all-inclusive package deal that will eliminate and reduce all unnecessary costs that not only thin your wallet but that thin your hair.

Our van rentals also

Come with a professional driver that will pick up and drop off your belongings at both your destinations.

By giving you a professional driver with each van rental it reduces your responsibility for liabilities like large deposits and insurance excesses.

Wherever you may be you can get a van rental from:

  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • Pretoria

Get a van rental in:

  • 14 Seater carriers
  • Delivery vans
  • 1.6 Ton panel vans
  • Open back vans
  • Caddies
  • Cargo vans
  • H100’s closed and open
  • Panelvans

Our van rentals can also:

  • Move and remove furniture
  • Do daily deliveries
  • Long-distance transportations

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Rent a Van

Rent a van services are much more economical than purchasing a vehicle that will only be used occasionally. Renting a van frees you from worrying about vehicle maintenance and keeping up with service schedules.

Renting a van becomes very useful when transporting your belongings from one location to another, for courier purposes or even as people carriers.

Factors to consider when Renting a Van

There are several factors that need to be taken into account before considering to rent a van, which will aid to minimize costs associated with van rental.

  • Understanding Cost – It is critical to agree on a van rental fee with the truck rental company before collecting the vehicle or signing some paperwork.  Aspects such as fuel, insurance and over-ride km’s need to be considered when looking to rent a van.
  • Size of the Van – Depending on your needs, you should make sure that you end up renting a van that can accommodate your intended use.
  • Vehicle Assessment – Always make a thorough assessment of the vehicle before you collect it, as this will reduce conflict between you and the truck rental company in the event that they claim you have damaged the van.
  • Distance – Ask your van rental company if they charge according to the distanced travelled or if their price is fixed for unlimited mileage.

So if you are looking to rent a van for your family vacation or to transport your belongings to a different location, then Spartan Truck Hire has a solution for you. Please read more about our available vans at Rent a Van or click here for more info.

Rent a Van

Van Rentals in South Africa