Bakkie Rentals

At Spartan Truck Hire and Logistics, we have a variety of different bakkie rental configurations to suit every need, whether it be a daily, weekly or monthly requirement.


Whether you’re looking to hire a single or double cab, open or closed, supertonner or 4X4, we have it all.

Bakkie rentals can become useful for people who are looking to hire a bakkie for a short-term period. Whether you’re looking to make light commercial deliveries, drop off the garden refuse or run your courier business Spartan Truck Hire has a nationwide fleet of bakkies for hire.

Some aspects that need consideration before deciding to hire a bakkie:

  • The size and weight of your load
  • The distance of the trip
  • The capacity of the bakkie
  • Understanding the costs of hiring a bakkie
  • What kind of insurance is needed before using the hired bakkie.

Call us today if you’re looking to hire a bakkie, or click here to learn more.

  • Bakkie Hire in Johannesburg?

-011 394 3685

  • Bakkie Hire in Cape Town?

-021 511 2333

  • Bakkie Hire in Durban?

-031 461 3489

 Spartan- #1 in bakkie hire!

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