Crane Truck Rental

Crane Truck Rental

We have a large fleet of crane mounted vehicles for hire. These vehicles are typically used for, but not limited to the engineering, construction and mining industries. We have different sizes and variations of cranes which can be mounted onto different size vehicles. Crane Truck Hire is our forte.

Below are examples of both 6 ton, and 8 ton crane trucks which have been mounted onto an 8 ton dropside truck.

Crane Truck Rental

Rent a Crane Truck With Spartan Truck Hire and Book-a-Bakkie






Crane Trucks are extremely versatile and can operate in multiple industries.





Renting a Crane truck eliminates the risk and capital involved in your business, we supply crane trucks for either long or short-term rentals, or on a full maintenance lease period.

Learn more about our crane truck rental services Here.


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