Van Rentals

Renting a Van is something everybody does at some point in their lives, whether the van is used for recreational purposes or commercial, Spartan has the right van for you. Our Van Rental fleet consists of a variety of configurations including Caddy‘s, Cargo Van‘s, 1,6 ton panel van‘s, 1 ton open or closed van‘s and even people carriers!





Some things to consider when renting a van:

  • Size and nature of your load
When considering van rentals, you must realize that different vans have different payloads, Caddys and H100’s for instance have a payload of approximately 900kgs whilst a Cargo Van rental would provide approximately 1400kgs of payload capability.
If what you are transporting is valuable, then its probably better to rent a closed van. Our panel van rentals are some of the best in the country.
  • Predicted distance to be travelled
The distance you are to travel will affect the choice of your van rentals. If you are traveling long distances, a diesel-engined van would be more cost effective.
  • Understanding the costs involved with renting a van
When deciding on which van rental company to use, consider costs such as the insurance excess, deposits and per km rate. Renting a Van could become quite costly should you misinterpret the quotation.

If your’e looking to rent a van in Johannesburg, Cape town, Durban, Nelspruit or Pretoria then you’re in the right place.We have a country-wide fleet of Vans that are waiting for your call!



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